Blazered was created by Christopher Trim in 2004 born out of frustration sourcing second hand uniform for his three fast-growing children. Schools tended to have a sale once a term for previously owned clothing and if you missed it, that was it for another term. Meanwhile, the clothes mountains grew in people’s houses of kit that was rendered useless by their offspring growing out of them or moving school. Months of research, thousands of lines of code (PHP & HTML) and a comprehensive backend database gave rise to the first online marketplace for parents to buy and sell secondhand clothing, musical instruments and sports kit.

For a couple of years the site ran autonomously with little intervention from its developer. The next challenge was precipitated by changes in the coding languages used to program the site. Essentially, it stopped working! A frantic night with no sleep and it was back up and running. The next challenge was from hackers. Vulnerabilities in the site meant that spammers could trick the backend of the server in to sending the junk that we all loathe and detest. The spammers were thwarted with a rewrite of the validation algorithms.

It was always the intention to rewrite Blazered from the ground up adding new features and utilising social media techniques to add another dimension. Web development had moved on apace and the founder didn’t have time to dedicate to the project without funding – the website never capitalised on any of the proposed income streams so ran at a loss from day one. There is definitely a business to be made from such a site, however, it would require considerable investment to fulfil its potential.

The application was retired on 26th March 2018. Christopher Trim now runs a hotel and conference centre near Bristol.