The site has been designed to make your experience as easy as possible.  As such, a lot of thought and work has gone into the back-end of the system and the database.

Please notify us of any problems with the site by clicking on this link  and we will respond as quickly as possible.  In this way we will compile a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which we will add to this page...

Q:  How do I get started?

Q:  The "Add" Buttons have disappeared!

Q:  Why should I post items on this site and not on others like Ebay?
Q: My school does not appear in the list or it says "Not Applicable". What do I do?
Q: How do I edit one of my listings?


A: How do I get started?

It is in your interest to register first. When you have registered you should then add a school or a number of schools to your profile. This will allow you to specify a school for items you are selling and also filter your searches for items only pertinent to your schools.

A:  The "Add" Buttons have disappeared!

Registered Members can assign 6 schools and post 20 items after which the buttons are removed.

There is also the possibility that your web browser has "cached" your original registration details and using this instead of your "member" criteria. The fix for this is quite simple - click on the link which says "Log Out" and then log in again with your username (email address) and password. This will remove any cached data and everything should work fine.


A:  Why should I post items on this site and not on others like Ebay?

There are many reasons to use this site!  

  • Your items remain on the site until sold
  • It's not an auction so you sell at your price
  • You will find buyers in your school or community
  • It's cost effective
  • You can save a lot of money on buying school uniform
  • You can recoup money on outgrown uniform
  • You'll make new friends
A: My school does not appear in the list or it says "Not Applicable". What do I do?

As there are literally thousands of schools in our database it would be impossible to have a drop-down menu showing every school.  This is why it helps to register. Once you have registered, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Blazered or if you are already logged in click on the "My Blazered" page.
  2. The first line will say Hi ... and recommend you to add schools to your profile. Look to the right and you will see a text entry box. Type in the name (or part of the name) of the school and click "search". If your school is listed simply add it to your profile. Repeat this process for as many schools up to a maximum of six in total.
  3. Now when you are logged in to Blazered, your school(s) will appear in the drop-down list whenever you are searching or selling items!



A: How do I edit one of my listings?

Make sure that you are logged in

Navigate to "My Personal Page"

Next to the item you want to edit, click on View/Update

Make the changes and click Update.

Note: If you are changing the school from "Non Applicable" make sure that you have added the school(s) as detailed in the answer above.